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Our Work Process

We have developed a systematic work process to produce consistently great signs. An increasing number of businesses or individuals trust Sign Motion due to our ability to ensure client satisfaction. If you’re looking for premium quality sign printing services in Sydney, give us a quick call! If you’re curious about our production process or how things work at Sign Motion, here is what you need to know:



Developing a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and requirements is the first step of the process. One of our signage experts conducts a brief session with clients to discuss important aspects of a project. We believe successful signage projects start from a clear understanding of clients’ end goals. So, we make efforts to know what our clients want to achieve and what it will take to get the job done in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner.

Cost Estimate

Based on our initial understanding of a project, we provide realistic cost estimates to make things easier for our clients. We provide detailed estimates to prospective clients for free. Cost of a signage project can vary depending on what fabrication material or printing technique would be used to get the job done.


Once you’re satisfied with our design and print samples, we start the production process based on your input. Clients either provide the design or ask us to design their signs. We’ll be happy to meet your signage needs whether you just want us to print your signs or you need us to design and print your signage.

We use highly advanced printing equipment to produce the best sign prints. Our production facility is equipped with printers that can print directly onto a surface of any material. Besides, we have enough resources to expedite a sign production process to respond to client schedule changes. Our team work closely with our clients to make sure everything goes as per the plan. The QA team makes sure every sign meets the quality standards.



While some types of signs can be placed or installed without professional assistance, others require professionals to properly install them. Before we install your signs, our experts identify the right areas where your signs can make the most impact. We make sure to install signs inside or outside of your business or store in a way that generates maximum ROI.

We use top-of-the-line sign printing equipment

The quality of a printed sign depends on the quality of printing equipment and the material used to produce the print. We make sure to implement sophisticated printing systems to develop all sorts of signs with great precision. Our experts observe strict adherence to our work process to ensure great end results.